To take back the roofing industry as a community of like minded, honest, value driven empowered professionals who are aligned in elevating the moral code of the roofing industry by Standing for Integrity, Empowering each member and Unifying in our approach Servicing our industry and clients with transparency, honor and respectJoin today...


The vision for Roofers United is "Be The Voice."  

A Roofers Community that Creates a New Standard

It’s Your Industry - Let’s take it Back

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Jeff has a passion for our industry being one mind and one voice, to be all we can be, so together we can win. I am a voice too.

Paul Reed, Northwest Roofing

If integrity is to be restored in the roofing industry community is solidarity. Just be the voice

Steve Patrick, Level the Playing Field

I’ve been waiting for this type of mentoring community for years. Its a new era, our collective time is now! Be a voice with me…

April Hall, Storm Consultants LLC

I told Jeff we needed an online subscription-based community to bring everyone together, to innovate, help each other, and manifest destiny, and he didn't disappoint. I’m a voice.

Anthony Delmenico, CEO SVG

Roofers United is a community of roofers and mentors who need each other to get a new level of maturity in our industry.

Troy Clymer, CEO Balance Claims & The Catalyst Group

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