A project of ROOFERS UNITED, Faces of Our Community, is about the story of our roof comrades, our brothers and sisters, of our nationwide “roofer community” … sharing who we are and what we believe to stand for as individuals and as ONE UNITED whole-integrated industry. A small way for us to share our strength and character, the compassion of our service, its artistic talent, and the leadership of our business owners. It’s a showcase of our humanity, our work, the pride we feel for it, and the inherent beauty and diversity of our community.

The faces and stories shared here are worth more than any number of statistics or reports we could share. These are the real people—the owners, workers, colleagues, family and friends—who care to wake early each morning to safeguard their clients most prized possession. Because behind all the 24/7 sweat-equity to stop leaky roofs, the safety hazards and peril of storms we face, the never ending processes, and people we meet to fill that right seat, what we’re really in the business of is providing peace of mind to each client served by protecting their greatest asset -  thereby taking pride of “The American Dream.”

At Roofers United, we are here as ONE expression to preserve the INTEGRITY of our industry, EMPOWER contractors with essential values, provide a thriving COMMUNITY that takes ahold of COLLABORATION, TRANSPARENCY and SERVANT LEADERSHIP regardless of their circumstances or their zip code—to give equal chance for every roofer at a bright future. But no singular agency, institution or individual can do this alone. It will take us all working together to elevate, and add value to what we do and who we are. 

We are one at heart, peer to peer community, one interconnected group who together can create meaningful lasting change through our collective voice, our renewed ethics, and our good sound work.

Because as we unite as ONE VOICE, a non-quiet reformation is birthed, where united—we all—win.